Self-Defense – Practical Steps and Knowledge Everyone Needs to Know

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Self-defense training will protect you and your loved ones in times of danger!

  • Pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Choose well-lit areas for parking, exercise, and walking. Have your keys ready upon entering your vehicle.
  • If you are approached by an aggressor or you sense that a person will attack, shout loud and push back. Shouting is an international signal that you need help. Shouting is also a useful deterrent because it lets the attacker know that you are not easy prey.
  • In the event that you are attacked, you only have a few moments before the aggressor gets full control of you and the situation. Try to inflict as much damage to your attacker by employing these self-defense tactics: striking the vulnerable body parts such as the groin, knees, ears, legs, and eyes. Use your fingers for gouging or scratching the eyes. You can strike your attacker’s nose by using the heel of your palm in an upward motion. If he is behind you, use your elbows and aim for the nasal bones. Use your hands when striking upper body parts. The outer edge of your hand can be used for striking the side of the neck where the carotid artery and jugular veins are.
  • Kicking the side of the knee is a good self-defense tactic to immobilize your attacker and cause them to lose their balance. Kicking the front of the knee may cause more injury, but it will not likely get him off-balance.
  • Your elbows, knees, and head are your most bony parts and they are capable of inflicting the most damage.
  • Be aware that everyday objects can potentially be used as self-defense weapons.  A pen is a practical everyday item to employ in a self-defense scenario. By holding a pen between your fingers when walking home, a strike to the throat or eyes can be an extremely effective self-defense tactic. Sand, dirt, and loose gravel can be thrown into your attacker’s eyes.

These are just some practical and basic self-defense tips for defending yourself in times of danger. It would still be invaluable to actually take a self-defense class where you will learn and practice realistic life saving self-defense moves and techniques.

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