Nick Stefan

Nick Stefan NoGi World Champion 2009World Class BJJ Instructor, Competitor, and Coach

Nick Stefan was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA. Nick started his martial arts training at age 11 with the style of Tae kwon do, with Muay Thai and Kempo Karate following at age 16. At the age of 18 Nick was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while boxing at El Camino College in Los Angeles, CA. Nick dabbled around with it for a few years before going to Rickson Gracie Academy in L.A. That is where he truly fell in love with the Art. Nick was at Rickson’s Academy for a few years before he was introduced to the Machado brothers in Redondo Beach, CA. Nick received his Black Belt from Rigan Machado in 1996. He has been an avid competitor throughout his jiu-jitsu career, medaling in over 80 competitions! Nick’s love and dedication to the sport led him to pursue teaching BJJ, which he has been excelling at for almost 10 years.

Some notable accomplishments:

  • 2009 Ibjjf NoGi World Champion
  • 2010 ibjjf Pan American silver medalist
  • Multiple Grappler’s X Quest Advanced champion
  • 1996 Ibjjf Pan American champion
  • U.S. Open Champion
  • ADCC Trial 1996 bronze medalist
  • 10 x Best of the West medalist
  • 2-1 Mixed Martial Arts record