Andy Scott

Fitness Trainer, Expert Fighter, and Self-Defense Coach

Andy Scott has been training professional athletes for over 20 years. A former Golden Gloves and Western Australia State Champion boxer, semi-professional football player, triathlete, lifeguard, and surfer, Andy trains athletes in multiple disciplines.

Born and raised in Western Australian, Andy started training in Zen Do Kai Karate in 1983 under the tutelage of one of the best Sensei Masters of Australia. He dabbled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and went on to pursue Muay Thai training with the best fighters in the country, becoming an instructor himself in 1996. A few years later, Andy got into boxing, winning the Western Australia middleweight title in his second fight with a first round knockout. He was later invited to compete in the Golden Gloves Boxing tournament, a pinnacle competition in the boxing world. His training partner, Danny ‘Green Machine’ Green, went on to win the world title three times over, but a dislocated shoulder took Andy in another direction.

Without a good shoulder, Andy pursued triathlons. He competed in 14 half-Ironman and multiple sprint and Olympic distance races where he always placed in the top three of his age group.

As fit as ever coming off of triathlons, Andy reignited his love of Aussie Rules Football (he played in high school), and started competing every winter for a semi-professional team as a wingman.

Throughout his competitive career as an athlete, Andy trained hundreds of clients on the side in boxing, Muay Thai, and overall strength and fitness. He also taught large group classes in self-defense and water lifesaving skills.

In 2000, Andy and his wife moved to California. He played on the USA Aussie Rules Football team, which won two world titles. He was also the assistant coach of the Aussie Rules Football National Team based in San Diego.

Andy currently trains clients in fitness, strength training, Muay Thai, boxing and self-defense. He is known for his Australian sense of humor, fierce competitiveness, and extreme attention to technical detail and proper form.

Andy is the head Boxing and Muay Thai Instructor at Faction Martial Arts, where he trains top MMA fighters and professional athletes, including snowboarder Larry Heiskari and various surfers competing on the WQS.

He also trains large groups of females in self-defense, helping them build self-confidence and achieve their fitness goals.When not training clients or himself, Andy can be found surfing or spending time with his wife and two daughters at their home in Cardiff, California.